Thermo Rosa XXL

The new Thermo Rosa XXL is a stunning large capacity cooker with boiler and a very large oven. Heating a large home with ample hot water, with glass doors to both oven and firebox. Rosa XXL in showroom.


The Ilaria range cooker and boiler has a massive 27. 3 KW (90,000 btus) comfortably heating a 4+ bedroom house, giving you hot water, large hob, and glass doors to the firebox and oven. Displayed in showroom. SALE ON!


The Burley Wakerley 9112 wood burning stove is one of the most efficient wood burning stoves in the world with an efficiency rating of 84.9% and heat output of up to 12kW.

Flair 8

The Broseley Evolution Flair 8 is a very modern and contemporary steel wood burner which features an exceptional viewing window and integral log store.

Desire 5 & 7

The gorgeous multi fuel stove Desire is the new range available from the Evolution range from Broseley. Available with a log store and a wonderful large glass pane. ON DISPLAY WITH LOGSTORE

Sovrana Evo

The La Nordica Sovrana Evo is a versatile range cooker and room heater, with a solid cast iron hob and generous oven. Currently on display in the showroom.

Sovrana Easy

The La Nordica Sovrana Easy Wood Burning Cooker is a handsome addition to your house featuring a cast iron hob and generous oven. Combining everything you expect from a traditional cooker and engineered to modern European standards, the La Nordica Sovrana Easy range cooker is especially suited to the contemporary kitchen.

300 kg pellet tank

La Nordica automatic loading pellet stocking tank. Secondary 300 Kg tank in red steel for Thermoproducts and Boilers.

Hercules Boiler

The Broseley Hercules Multifuel / Wood Burning Boiler Stove is designed to be powerful, robust and capable of performing the most demanding tasks. Available in 12, 20 & 30 KW.


The Firefox 12 Multi fuel and wood burning boiler stove will run 8 radiators and heat water.

Silverdale 5

With its smooth matt surface and crisp neat lines, the Broseley Hillandale Silverdale 5 KW will fit perfectly in any modern or contemporary setting. Displayed in our showroom.

Silverdale 7

The Silverdale 7 SE is suitable for any smoke exempt area and offers a heat output of 7kw, enough to cosily heat a medium sized room. It has an easy to use control system and uses an airwash system which keeps the glass clear.

Monroe 5 & 7 SE

The Hillandale Monroe Multi-fuel / Wood-burning stoves are compact in size, the products still offer primary and secondary air control, with a preheated airwash system.


The Hillandale Monterrey Multi-Fuel Stove is a sleek and modern inspired multi fuel stove which has a large glass window, for a large and clear view of your fire. Available in 5 & 7KW output, Defra approved.


The Gallery Tiger Multifuel / Woodburning Stove 6KW has many advanced features usually found in a more expensive stove.

Tiger Cleanburn

The Gallery Tiger Cleanburn Woodburning Stove 5 KW is one of the newest additions to the Gallery range of stoves.


The Firefox 5 is available in either multi fuel or clean burn, giving you a fantastic traditional 4.9 KW stove. Displayed in our showroom.


The Firefox 'family' has been developed with aesthetics, efficiency and flexibility in mind.


The Firefox 12 is a multifuel stove with a 13 KW output.


The stunning contemporary Firefox Kooga Cleanburn is a 5 KW wood burning stove.


The Classic 5 & 8 are wood burning and multifuel stove that is Defra approved so can be used in smoke controlled areas.

Purevision PV5

The stylish elegant 5 kW Fireline Purevision HD PV5 stove has a large glass window for optimal viewing of the high definition flames. DISPLAYED IN THE SHOWROOM.

Purevision PV85i

The Purevision PV85i just like the PV85 is the largest stove in the range. It looks very attractive installed in the wall or in a fireplace suite.