Charnwood Bay 5

Charnwood Bay 5 is Charnwoods latest inset wood burning stove it is also available as the Bay 5GT . This version has the same landscape glass door features and also gives a 5 kw heat out put. The GT version has added features of a converting grate and an ash pan, for ease of cleaning the stove. It also has a convection fan which will help to distribute the heat generated by the stove to the surrounding area.

Charnwood Arc

The Charnwood Arc 5 kw stove is a revolutionary new multifuel and wood burning stove. This impressive looking modern stove uses Charnwood's patented Quattroflow air management system and Cleanburn technology and can burn wood or solid fuel thanks to it's convertible riddling grate. It is available in 2 sizes and 8 colours.

Charnwood C-Four

Featuring a large picture window the C-Four is the smallest model in the C-Series delivering a heat output to the room of between 2-5.5 KW.

Charnwood C-Five

The Charnwood C-Five (C5) Stove is built with landscape proportions, allowing a 12" log to fit inside comfortably. The C5 will produce 5kW of heat. Available with a low base as standard or with log store (wood store) as an optional extra. The C-Five is one of the best selling small stoves in the UK. Defra exempt for burning wood in smoke control areas.

Charnwood C-Six

The C-Six is a 6.7kW stove delivering between 5 and 7kW of heat to the room. The stove is steel plate lined and can take a log length of up to 255mm.This stove meets the DEFRA requirements for smoke control exemption; allowing wood to be burnt in smoke control areas.

Charnwood island I

The Charnwood Island 1 is the smallest of the Charnwood Island stove range, and its simple looks and gentle curves will make the Charnwood Island 1 stove sit well within any home, be it modern or traditional.

Island II

The Charnwood Island 2 is the middle sized stove of the Charnwood Island range of Multi-fuel stoves. The stunning double door stove produces a rated heat output into the room of 8kW and it can also take a log length of up to 440mm (17").

Island II CT

This modest traditional stove is a solid piece of engineering. Reliable and practical, the Charnwood Island II CT multifuel stove offers a maximum heat output of 7kW and soapstone hotplates for direct-on and hob cooking. DEFRA exemption (optional kit required) means you can burn wood within smoke control zones.

Island III

The Charnwood Island 3 is the largest sized stove of the range. With its huge proportions, it gives a spectacular view of the flames inside. Producing a rated output into the room of 12kW of heat it can also take a log length of over half a metre.

Charnwood Tor

The Charnwood Tor is the contemporary wood burning stove that offers a spectacular view of the fire. The Tors curved glass panels offer a spectacular view of the fire from the front and from the sides whilst a highly advanced combustion system ensures exceptional clean burning and outstanding efficiency.

Charnwood Tor Pico

The stunning Charnwood TOR Pico is the new contemporary wood burning stove from Charnwood. The Charnwood Tor Pico is a smaller version of the Charnwood Tor Stove.

Cove 1

The Charnwood Cove 1 is the smallest stove in the Charnwood Cove range of Multi-fuel stove. Sophisticated in design but simple to operate. The Cove 1 has a multi-fuel converting grate which means you can burn wood or smokeless coal. The Cove 1 comes in various options, with low stand (as standard) or with Pedestal stand or log store stand. Cove 2 in the showroom. One single curved door offers a breath taking view of the fire inside the Cove, whilst highly advanced combustion system ensures optimum efficiency and an exceptionally clean burn. The Cove 1 is the smallest of the range, ideal for a smaller room as it provides heat of between 2-6kW into the room. Rated at 4kW, the Cove 1 can be installed with an external air kit.

Cove 2

The Charnwood Cove 2 is a multi-fuel stove and is the middle sized stove in the Charnwood Cove range. With a multi-fuel converting grate the Charnwood Cove 2 can burn wood only or smokeless coal. The Cove 2 creates a powerful focal point for any room as it provides heat of between 8-11kW into the room. The stove is available with low stand as standard or with pedestal stand or log store stand as a optional extra. One single curved door offers a breathtaking view of the fire inside the Cove, whilst highly advanced combustion system ensures optimum efficiency and an exceptionally clean burn. The Cove 2 creates a powerful focal point for any room as it provides heat of between 8-11kW into the room.

Purevision Classic CPV5

Stylish and elegant with classic looks the new Purevision Classic stoves are solid, heavy duty with huge glass fire viewing window for optimal viewing of flames. With an output of 3.1 to 6 KW this stove makes an ideal choice for your home.

Purevision Classic CPV5W

The large Classic Purevision CPV5W retains a nominal output of 5 kW, but provides a wider operating range making it ideal for a larger living space.

Aspect 5 Slimline

Designed to sit upon a shallow hearth, the Parkray Aspect 5 Slimline woodburning stove provides a large view of the flames. At 78.9%, this 4.9kW is highly efficient, it is also approved for installation within Defra approved zones. The Aspect 5 Slimline may be installed upon a 12mm decorative hearth.

Merlin Slimline

The British Merlin Slimline Stove is a multifuel DEFRA approved stove and the smallest stove in Merlin’s range, available with moulded legs or log box options, 4 kw output.

eVolution 5

The Broseley Evolution 5 cast iron multifuel stove range incorporates contemporary design and modern stove technology with traditional cast iron construction. ON DISPLAY.

Little Thurlow

The Town and Country Little Thurlow multi-fuel stove is designed by Alan and Philip Thurlow, which has a clean burn system. This involves allowing the flow of hot air over the glass door to keep the glass clean. Manufactured in Pickering, using only top quality British materials, and with British castings for the doors to bring out the detail. Can be seen in our showroom.

Hembury 5

The Hembury Range of stoves all come with a wood burning plate fitted. This plate enables hot embers to be retained, restricting air enetring the underside of the fire which improves the combustion when burning wood. When burning solid fuel or a mixture of wood and solid fuel together the plate can be easily removed.

Hembury 5 Slimline

This New Dean Forge model Hembury slimline 5 is based on the successful clearburn range it has the same exceptionally efficient air wash system and now with the larger glass as the Hembury 6 but now with a 5kw output with the wide glass window you are able to benefit from not only a clearer view of the fire but view of the whole fire.

Hembury 8

This Dean Forge stove is a new model. The Hembury 8 is based on the successful clearburn range it has the same exceptionally efficient air wash system and now with the larger glass window are able to benefit from not only a clearer view of the fire but view of the whole fire. With the clean lines the Hembury 8 will adorn any room, traditional or contemporary.

eVolution 26

The eVolution boiler is a new concept in wood burning boilers for the UK. It is a wood burning boiler that can be directly connected to a sealed heating system.

Telford 5

The Hunter Telford 5kW insert delivers an impressive 3-5kW output and achieves 77.1% efficiency when burning wood.

Telford 8

The new Hunter Telford 8 Inset has retained its traditional styling but in terms of performance, it’s in a whole new dimension.

Herald 6

The Hunter Herald 6 multifuel / woodburning stoves have been creatively designed to combine the latest in stove technology with traditional good looks and values.

Herald 8 Slimline

With its slimline design,not only do you have outstanding characteristics, this high-powered model now comes with only a 5” flue for easy installation and delivers outstanding performance at only 5 KW output.

Dartmoor Baker 5

The British manufactured Dartmoor Baker 5, made by Dean Stoves is beautifully hand crafted, ideal for cosy snugs and log cabins wanting to cook in the little oven.

Dartmoor Baker W5

Dean stove manufacture the larger Dartmoor Baker W5 (5Kw Nominal), which is the larger version of the Baker 5 and has a good size oven and three shelf heights.


The La Nordica Suprema Wood Burning Cooker will become the centre-piece for any farmhouse kitchen. Producing 8kW heat output from the large firebox, with the flames on show through the compact viewing-window.


The La Nordica Mamy is built from quality cast iron in a traditional styling and in a choice of two colours, cream and matt black and is the baby of the America and Suprema.


The La Nordica Italy-built in wood burning cooker has a sleek elegant design with modern heating technology. The appliance is now DEFRA-approved for use in smokeless zones.

Thermo Suprema

The La Nordica Thermo Suprema DSA 18.5 Woodburning Boiler Cooker is built from quality cast iron. The La Nordica Thermo Suprema will enhance any kitchen, with its striking design and heat your home.

Thermo Italy DSA

The Thermo Italy wood burning cooker and boiler is a simple stylish answer to reliable and hassle free cooking. With 18.5 kw of thermal power is a solid choice if you are want efficient and economical heating and hot water to a 4-5 bedroom house.

Thermo Italy Built in

As a centre piece to your kitchen, the contemporary La Nordica Thermo Italy Built in is robust quality range cooker with boiler will complement any surroundings.

Snowdon 26 SE

The sturdy Snowden 26 SE has an imposing presence. With its double doors and greater width, it presents a wider expanse of blazing wood within an open hearth. It will throw out 10kW worth of heat directly, enough for a room of considerable size, and contribute a full 16kW to a hot water system.


The Serrano multifuel range are manufactured from traditional and robust cast iron but with a sleek contemporary styling and finish, available 5 & 7 KW output.


The York Midi 5 KW and York grande 7 KW smoke exempt stoves, offer primary and secondary air control, with a preheated air wash system.

Silverdale 5

With its smooth matt surface and crisp neat lines, the Broseley Hillandale Silverdale 5 KW will fit perfectly in any modern or contemporary setting. Displayed in our showroom.

Silverdale 7

The Silverdale 7 SE is suitable for any smoke exempt area and offers a heat output of 7kw, enough to cosily heat a medium sized room. It has an easy to use control system and uses an airwash system which keeps the glass clear.

Monroe 5 & 7 SE

The Hillandale Monroe Multi-fuel / Wood-burning stoves are compact in size, the products still offer primary and secondary air control, with a preheated airwash system.

Tiger Cleanburn

The Gallery Tiger Cleanburn Woodburning Stove 5 KW is one of the newest additions to the Gallery range of stoves.


The stunning contemporary Firefox Kooga Cleanburn is a 5 KW wood burning stove.


The Carron 4.7 kW & 7.3 KW Multifuel / Woodburning Stove is a classic design and extremely practical. Its robust cast iron construction and plain design make it suited to almost any room. .

Purevision PV5

The stylish elegant 5 kW Fireline Purevision HD PV5 stove has a large glass window for optimal viewing of the high definition flames. DISPLAYED IN THE SHOWROOM.

Purevision PV5W

A stunning Fireline Purevision PV5W panoramic 5 kW wide stove that shares all the features of the PV5 with the additional benefits of accepting longer logs and greater fuel volumes.

Purevision PV85

The Largest in the range, the Fireline Purevision PV85 multifuel stove offers the biggest fuel volume capacity and heat output for very large rooms and those who need a lot of heat.

Purevision PV5i

Following on from the standard PV5 freestanding stove, this Purevision PV5i inset model shares identical visual and performance features. This means you get the same window size, performance and features as you would with the freestanding model.

Purevision PV85i

The Purevision PV85i just like the PV85 is the largest stove in the range. It looks very attractive installed in the wall or in a fireplace suite.

Fireline 4 KW

Superior, large stove performance from a petite, narrow design means that both models combine the efficiency and economy of a small stove, with the enhanced performance of a much larger model.

Fireline 5KW

Traditional or contemporary, these new 5KW multi-fuel stoves look as harmonious in a farmhouse inglenook as they will in a newly built town house.

Fireline FX5 wide

The FX5W & FP5W give the large looks of the 8KW wide screen stove but maintaining the nominal heat output at 5KW, taking a 14.5" log. Displayed in our showroom.

Fireline 8 kw

The FX8 and FP8 8KW stoves are big, heavyweight, freestanding designs, made from steel with a traditional cast iron door with extra wide, ceramic glass, flame viewing window.

Herald 4

The Hunter Herald 4 is available as a Multi Fuel or Wood burning Stove and is the most recent stove in the Herald range. The Hunter Herald 4 is suitable for smaller fireplace opening at the same time giving off a good heat output.

Herald 5 Compact

The Hunter Herald Compact 5 is perfect for small and cosy rooms. Just like its ancestors, this one has plenty of traditional charm and all the usual options. dEFRA APPROVED