Fireline products

Fireline 4 KW

Superior, large stove performance from a petite, narrow design means that both models combine the efficiency and economy of a small stove, with the enhanced performance of a much larger model.

Fireline 5KW

Traditional or contemporary, these new 5KW multi-fuel stoves look as harmonious in a farmhouse inglenook as they will in a newly built town house.

Fireline FX5 wide

The FX5W & FP5W give the large looks of the 8KW wide screen stove but maintaining the nominal heat output at 5KW, taking a 14.5" log. Displayed in our showroom.

Fireline 8 kw

The FX8 and FP8 8KW stoves are big, heavyweight, freestanding designs, made from steel with a traditional cast iron door with extra wide, ceramic glass, flame viewing window.

Fireline 5 inset

Create a stunning impression in your living room with the Fireline 5KW inset stove and enjoy the pleasure of a real wood burning stove.

Fireline 5 kw Taper

FPi5T is a 16" multi fuel taper 5 KW stove design driven directly by requests from customers for a much improved view of the fire in an 'easy fit' taper stove firebox.

Purevision PV5W

A stunning Fireline Purevision PV5W panoramic 5 kW wide stove that shares all the features of the PV5 with the additional benefits of accepting longer logs and greater fuel volumes.

Purevision PV5i

Following on from the standard PV5 freestanding stove, this Purevision PV5i inset model shares identical visual and performance features. This means you get the same window size, performance and features as you would with the freestanding model.

Fireline 5kw inset wide

The FPi5W is a mid sized 5 KW rectangular inset wood stove designed to fit 20" fireplace openings to neatly offer a mid size firebox unit retaining a 5KW nominal output.


These two new gas-burning stoves from Fireline offer a powerful heating effect and add an unbeatable warm ambience to any room. With a realistic flame, picture windows and traditional cast iron doors, the FPW and FXW look just like real wood burners, but have the convenience of gas.


The new entry level Go Eco Range stoves, developed by Charlton and Jenrick are SIA Ecodesign Ready 2022 certified-ultra clean. Available to view in the showroom.

Fireline electric stove

The Fireline electric stove is based on the wood burning FX/FP5W stove, one of the UK’s most popular stoves. Like the wood burning stove there is a choice of either a curved or a square cast iron door and the body is heavily built from 5mm thick laser profiled steel plate.