Parkray products

Parkray Consort 4

The Consort 4 is a compact stove for intimate settings. Its stylish outline and eco-friendly credentials make it one of our most popular models. No airbrick required.

Parkray Consort 15

This real wood-burning stove will become the heart of your home, providing a cosy spot for family gatherings and warming the largest rooms with an output between 8-15 kw.

Consort 5 Slimline

The Parkray Consort 5 Slimline is ideal if you have limited space, there’s no need to lower your expectations. It has been trimmed down to fit small spaces, however still gives out 5 KW. Defra approved.

Aspect 5 Slimline

Designed to sit upon a shallow hearth, the Parkray Aspect 5 Slimline woodburning stove provides a large view of the flames. At 78.9%, this 4.9kW is highly efficient, it is also approved for installation within Defra approved zones. The Aspect 5 Slimline may be installed upon a 12mm decorative hearth.

Parkray consort 4 DS SD

Two fires in one, the double sided Parkray Consort 4 single depth stove is perfect for central fireplaces and allow you to join two rooms together with fire focal point. Consort 5 Slimline on display in showroom.