Boru DS Boiler

ROOM OUTPUT 4 KW (MAX 8.2KW) (4 KW each side)
WATER OUTPUT 10.7 KW 45,000 Btu's
DIMENSIONS (W x H x D) 616 x 701 x 665mm
Some people have a major dilemma when building or renovating their house i.e. 2 rooms and only 1 chimney. Well thanks to Boru Stoves the worry is over. The Carraig Mor double sided stove is unique as it is a freestanding double sided stove that will heat both rooms and only needs 1 chimney with an integral back boiler. It will heat up to 10 rads or 45,000 btu’s. Manufactured by Boru you are assured a product of the highest quality and as you know it is made in Ireland!

  • Airwash system for cleaner glass
  • Multi fuel stoves
  • Clean and easy external riddling system
  • Double Sided Stoves
  • Heats 2 rooms 4 kw to each room with 1 chimney
  • Optional leg heights available
  • Different canopy options available
  • Available with optional central air intake (outside air)
  • Log Storage unit available
  • Total output 18.2 KW 
  • Double Side Stoves
  • Made In Ireland


  • Width 616mm
  • Height 701mm
  • Depth 765mm
  • Flue 6″ top only

*Airwash is the preheating of air and the funnelling of that air down the front of the glass. This ensures a clear view of the fire.

**C02 Burn Technology is the secondary burn of gas which would normally be emitted into the atmosphere. It means that you are doing your bit for the environment while saving hard earned cash. Who would have thought that helping to save the planet could also help save money.

***Central Air Intake is using air from outside the dwelling to draught the stove. It means that when you are using your stove there is no energy taken from the room the stove is in so therefore the stove is even more efficient. It is worth noting that Central Air Intake cannot be added on it must be factory fitted at time of order. Central Air Intake is suitable for airtight houses and works with Heat Recovery Systems.


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Price: £2,595.00
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