Fireline 5kw inset wide

Nominal output 5 KW
Dimensions (W x H x D) 593 x 595 x 357mm
Weight 80 Kg
Flue Top (inset)
Flue diameter 152mm (6")
Efficiency 80%

The FPi5W is a mid sized 5 KW rectangular inset wood stove designed to fit 20" fireplace openings to neatly offer a mid size firebox unit retaining a 5KW nominal output. The firebox technology is well adapted to the new size thereby maintaining 80% efficiency and DEFRA exempt standards of clean combustion. although wood burning only the stove retains the convenience of a rotary grate to drop ash inro a high quality stainless steel ash pan, so no compromise on ash removal over a multifuel stove is necessary. it comes with a choice of either cast iron or black glass doors.

  • Defra exempt
  • Fuel: Wood
  • Tertiary Air system
  • External riddling
  • Stainless steel ashpan
  • 5mm & 4mm steel
  • 3 sided and 4 sided trims
  • Internally removable spigot
  • Options: doors either cast iron or black glass
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Mr W Knighton, Powys  

"A job well execute, very speedily"

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