526 x 1267 x 505mm 


The La Nordica Fortuna is an absolutely stunning contemporary stove.  Beautiful clean lines, hand glazed ceramic panels, a huge curved glass window to watch the fire through - there is no other stove like this. 
It doesn't just look elegant, it also burns really well. The glass panel stays clean throughout the burning cycle and, since it can be swivelled through 90 degrees, you will always have a clear view of the fire wherever you are sitting.

Available in either red or white the design of this contemporary stove is a perfect fit for a variety of settings. So is the high heat output of 8kw which can be adjusted so as to provide the desired level of comfort in any home. All in all, it is modern, it is stylish and performs beautifully.

The Italian style and engineering are unmatched in the world of stove manufacturing and the La Nordica Fortuna Wood Burning Stove proves it once again. 

One of the features of the Fortuna Wood Burning Stove is that it is not a fixed appliance; you can rotate it on its axis 90 degrees, adding greater flexibility.


About La Nordica

La Nordica started their stove manufacturing back in 1967 and has made significant advances in the design and manufacturing process. They have revolutionised the stove market with their products and shown everyone that the Italians cannot be surpassed when it comes to combining their engineering skills and their characteristic designs. The Fortuna Wood Burning Stove is aligned to the EU standards on emissions and it is a good investment both from a financial standpoint and an environmental one; the triple burn technology used by the La Nordica designers keeping both the emissions and costs under control while maximising the efficiency of the appliance.


  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 526 x 1267 x 505mm 

  • Weight: 184 kg

  • Diameter of the flue outlet: 150mm (6")

  • Construction: cast iron

  • Colour: white or burgundy with curved cast iron door and sides

  • Finish: enamel

  • Fuel: wood

  • Nominal power: 7kw

  • Efficiency: 80.4%

  • Hourly consumption: 2 kg

  • Modifiable primary air: Yes

  • Modifiable secondary air: Yes

  • Pre-modified tertiary air: Yes

  • Heat output: 8kw

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Price: £2,060.00
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