Fortuna Panorama

DIMENSIONS (W x H x D)  526 X 1267 x 505mm

The La Nordica Panorama has the same timeless elegance as the standard Fortuna but gives you an even better view of the fire with its extra window on both sides. The main door opens with a single handle to let you put more logs on, the bottom door slides open by simply giving it a slight push. 
Functionally this is a superb piece of design and visually it manages to combine clean contemporary lines with the Italian flair for effortless elegance. The rotating base makes an impressive focal point.

Easy to light and totally controllable, the Fortuna will throw a beautiful warmth and light into any room.

La Nordica designers have never lacked inspiration and have come up with all kinds of innovative features for their stoves. They have done it again with the Fortuna Panorama contemporary stove, which is a beautiful appliance that features a view glass on two sides for better visibility.

The first La Nordica stove was manufactured in 1967, but that was only the start of their journey in the industry. The latest burning technologies and the design ideas inspired by the contemporary trends have transformed these appliances into some of the most sought after ones on the market. The triple burn technology reduces the emissions level to one accepted by all regulations but without lowering the efficiency of the appliance. It lowers its consumption and makes it extremely environmentally friendly, which is a significant target in today's stove industry.

Available in either red or white design is specific to the La Nordica Fortuna Wood Burning Stove. The 8kw of heat it delivers and the fact that it can be controlled to deliver the exact heating requirements is a feature not available on a lot of other stoves.



  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 526 X 1267 x 505mm 
  • Weight: 184 kg
  • Flue outlet diameter: 150mm (6 inches)
  • Colour: anthracite black
  • Coat: enamel
  • Fuel: wood
  • Nominal power: 7kw
  • Efficiency ratio: 80.4%
  • Consumption: 2 kg/hour
  • Controllable primary air: Yes
  • Controllable secondary air: Yes
  • Pre-controlled tertiary air: Yes
  • Heat delivery: 8kw max
  • Free mainland kerbside delivery*
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