Maximum Total KW 27.3
Maximum Water KW 17.3
Nominal Total KW 19.7
Nominal Water KW 12.1
Nominal Air KW 7.6
Overall dimensions  W/H/D 900 x 860 x 600 mm (without rail)
Oven W/H/D  290 x 300 x 450 mm
Fire Door W/H  320 x 370 mm

The Ilaria range cooker and boiler has a massive 27. 3 KW (90,000 btus) comfortably heating a 4+ bedroom house, giving you hot water, large hob, and glass doors to the firebox and oven.

The Ilaria is a range cooker and boiler from one of Italy's largest and most experienced solid fuel appliance manufacturers, Lincar. It is their latest wood burning appliance which benefits from many years of experience and with Italian style and quality. This model is our best seller due to the massive 90,000 + btus which can heat a 4+bedroom house. 

The Ilaria is more efficient and powerful than other cookers as it has a secondary air inlet which burns the exhaust gas from the fire a second time, giving much more heat from the fire. This also reduces the emissions and smoke.

Please click on the link below for further details;

Ilaria Installation manual

Ilaria installation example diagram


  • Easy to control, simple to use
  • 4 cast iron doors with lift up handles
  • Top finish is either stainless steel or cast iron with hob cover
  • Choice of colours for side panels & door bottoms
  • Adjustable height fire grate, to reduce the heat to water in the summer
  • Rear outlet water pipework for clean lines
  • Fuel: Wood
  • Free Delivery

Further details

The Ilaria is a range cooker and boiler from one of Italy’s largest and most experienced solid fuel appliance manufacturer, Lincar, who have been in this business for over 60 years. It is their latest wood burning appliance which benefits from countless years of experience with Italian style and quality. A third of Italian homes are heated by wood, so they know how to produce good stoves and cookers.


The front of the cooker has four cast iron doors, which are each opened by lift-up handles. The top doors have windows, so you can see your sumptuous food cooking and watch the roaring fire.

The top is finished either in cast iron with a hob cover or optional stainless steel. The side panels and the bottom door inserts are available with either enamelled steel or (optional) majolica panels. All water pipe work comes out of the back, to give simple clean lines. The quality of the metalwork and finish is excellent. 

Control and use

The Ilaria is designed to be highly flexible, easy to control and simple to use.

This starts with the main air control, which is semi automatic, so you just turn the dial to set the temperature you want and it does the rest.

There is also a flue damper, which speeds heating up and makes it easier to start the fire.

There is a diverter valve, which allows you to prioritise heating the heat water or the oven, depending on what you need at the time.

The final heat control is the fire grate, which can be raised and lowered in seconds, by turning a handle. This puts more or less heat from the fire into the boiler, meaning that you have greater controllability compared to other systems.

All these controls mean that there is no for need firebricks to be inserted which crack and have to be replaced regularly.

Power and efficiency

The "nominal" or average heat output is 22kW, of which 17.3kW goes to the radiators. Flat out, the maximum output is 27.3 KW (90,000+ BTU) and it is both more efficient and more powerful than the alternatives. 

So, how does it achieve this? The Ilaria has a massive firebox and a secondary air inlet which burns the exhaust gas from the fire a second time, giving much more heat from the fire. This also reduces the emissions and smoke. This is the same technique as used in Clean-burn stoves.

The firebox is designed to take wood up to 40 cm long, which can be difficult on other ranges. The firebox is also comparitively large, and can be loaded from the top (when cold) or from the large top left door (when hot).

Conservatively, the Ilaria will heat 7-14 average radiators. An alternative measure is that it will heat a house which has a volume of up to 515 cubic metres, which translates as a 2000 sq ft house with 8ft high ceilings, assuming average insulation. So, it will cope with an average 3 bedroom house with ease. (We do have customers who are heating over 18 rads, in 5 bed houses, but we would rather be conservative!)

Fuel, Ash and regular maintenance

Whether it is wood or paper, the Ilaria can heat your house off the back of it. For comparison, gas will cost you a minimum of 4p per kWH of heat produced and Oil costs between 6p and 10p per kWH (and rising). Wood usually costs 3p per kWH and, if you can find other sources of solid fuel, it is even cheaper.

The ashtray on the Ilaria measures 22cm x 42cm x 10cm deep. For a wood burning cooker this is exceptionally deep, meaning far fewer trips back and forth to dispose of ash. It is also about 73% efficient, which is higher than most solid fuel cookers and means you get far more heat.

With the Ilaria, very little maintenance is required. The glass needs occasional cleaning with a kitchen towel and wood ash, a yearly clean-out of the interior with a vacuum cleaner (usually taking around ten minutes) and, as with all solid fuel stoves, the chimney must be swept regularly.


We are pround to say there are now 100's of Ilaria's in the UK and it is exceedingly rare to have had any problems. Customers testify to how quickly it heats up, how much heat it puts out and how well it works on a wide range of wood. The only calls we seem to get are from customers who are happy with the product and would like accessories. If problems do occur, we see to them quickly and you're covered by a 2 year manufacturers warranty.


The Ilaria must be connected to a gravity/thermo syphon circuit to the hot water with heat leak radiator to dissipate excess heat as part of an open vented system, then pumped to the central heating with the aid of a cylinder thermostat. (It is not suitable for an unvented pressurised sysyem.) It can either be the only boiler in a central heating system or one of a number of heat sources, with a suitable controller. There must also be a suitable flue system and an air-vent to the outside. (Please call for further details on installation, on how to utilise the Ilaria when incorporating into an existing central heating system, new builds and multiple heat sources).

Prices include 20% VAT, however if it is installed by our HETAS engineers both the purchase and installation costs are at the lower 5% VAT. Please call to discuss in further detail.

Loading valve

We recommend the use of an Esbe loading valve (back end protection, anti condensation valve, boiler protection valve) call it what you will in order to allow for safe and efficient loading of heat to a hot water cylinder or thermal store/buffer tank.

See video for further details

In the event of power failure the valve restores to being a gravity system as a thermosyphon bypass setting allows for non powered use, therefore satisfying safety and efficiency in one unit. The LTC 100 series are the best as they have an in built pump that should be enough for most households

Material Colour Price
Stainless steel Black sides £2,950
Stainless steel White sides £2,950
Stainless steel Majolica Red sides £3,141
Stainless steel Majolica Brown sides £3,141
Cast Iron Black sides £2,950
Cast Iron White sides £2,950
Cast Iron Majolica Red sides £3,141
Cast iron Majolica Brown sides £3,141
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Select your option
Optional extras
Extra oven rack (£22.50)
Esbe loading valve and pump (£461.00)


Mr & Mrs H (Shropshire)

We cannot express how pleased we are with the stove, it worked fantastically last winter keeping us warm and cozy and not forgetting the endless amounts of hot water and free meals it has provided us with.

Customer (Wye Valley)

When our aged Rayburn sprung a leak in the middle of January we needed to get a replacement fast. Ludlow Stoves sorted us out with a superbly efficient and cost-effective Lincar Ilaria stove within days, and we have been supported before and after the sale with prompt and knowledgable service. We are very happy with our Ilaria; we have never been so warm!

Mr & Mrs J (Montgomeryshire)

Ilaria...we are very pleased with it. Everything you explained about it is perfect. The cooking is just great, the house is very comfortably warm (cannot wait for the winter). So a very big thank you, from extremely satisfied customers.

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