Rosa XXL

DIMENSIONS (W x H x D): 1074 x 861 x 699mm


The La Nordica Rosa XXL wood burning cooker is a larger Italian all rounder with a very large oven with 80l capacity, hot plates and fire box. Whether heating your home or using the cooking facilities, this model compliments any traditional space or country kitchen.
Manufactured from porcelain steel and polished cast iron, this model offers a slightly revised look compared to the other Rosa models with its contemporary finish and clean lines.

Measuring 436mm x 418mm, the viewing glass for the spacious oven compartment allows unparalleled views of the cook inside and even features an integral oven thermometer. Despite the size of the oven door, be assured this does not over shadow the neighbouring door to the fire which emits ample light and glow into your living space.  

The La Nordica Rosa XXL Wood Burning Cooker stands for reliability and quality blended with Italian flair. Combining everything you expect from a traditional cooker and engineered to modern European standards, the La Nordica Rosa XXL range cooker has appeal for both the contemporary and traditional home.

The La Nordica Rosa XXL wood burning range cooker combines subtle time honoured features with the sophistication of today’s range cookers. A remarkably beautiful cast iron range cooker, the La Nordica Rosa XXL has removable hob rings and a large storage drawer.


  • 7.5kW Nominal heat output
  • 10kW Maximum heat output
  • Removable hob rings
  • Large 80L Oven
  • Oven temperature gauge
  • Heat control damper
  • Large storage drawer
  • Air wash control (Primary, Secondary and Tertiary)
  • Door opening size - 225mm x 210mm
  • Firebox size - 296mm x 306mm x 460mm
  • Oven Size - 483mm x 418mm x 430mm
  • Average hourly fuel consumption - 2.3 kg/hr



  • Stove Body Warranty: 2 year
  • Heat Output 10kW
  • Flue Size 6" (150mm)
  • Flue Options Top or Rear
  • Width 1074mm
  • Height 861mm
  • Depth 699mm
  • Efficiency: 75%
  • Weight: 210kg
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Lids (£220.00)


Following numerous thoughts on how we could improve the heating in our home, we were delighted to find Gregg and Corabeth. Despite all our changes of mind and procrastinating they were always happy to help! We are delighted with our end choice of a Rosa XXL. Not only does it amply heat our new kitchen and adjoining rooms, it also gives us ‘free cooking’, by which I mean when we have it lit I do not need to worry about using our electric oven of hobs. I was not convinced that a woodburning cooker could have enough control to it to be able to cook a wide range of meals on it but it really hasn’t taken me long at all to find out the best way to use it. It remains a great talking point and focal point in our large kitchen. We also took their advice and purchased an eco fan-this has really helped circulate the warmth created by the stove out into our hallway and beyond. I thoroughly recommend Ludlow Stoves.

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