Smart Fan

The original Heat Powered Stove Fan 

The Smart Fan is a self-powered, clean, silent and efficient device that greatly improves heat circulation from your solid fuel burning stove.
The device is powered by a thermoelectric generation module (TEG) which uses the hot surface of the stove to generate an electric current to propel two fan blades. Heat, instead of rising immediately to the ceiling, is propelled directly into the living space and provides an increased level of comfort and greater fuel efficiency.

Dimensions: (W x H x D):  200 x 220 x 150mm

The device works on a simple principle; the hotter the bottom and the colder the top, the more electricity is generated. In order to maximise its output, the unique design incorporates an axial fan on the top section which keeps this part cooler and projects hot air into the living space. By utilising this fan on the top section and by incorporating an aerodynamically designed front fan blade, the SmartFan can move air up to a rate of 200 Cubic Feet per minute.

Comes with handle an extra blade, operation manual, Guarantee and warranty to be filled in and wither posted or filled in online.

IQ Design Guarantee;

IQ Design Limited guarantees that the SmartFan is free from defects under normal residential use for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase. Provided that the fan is returned during the first year accompanied with proof of purchase, 1Q Design Limited, at its discretion, will replace-from the orignal purchase date and not from the replacement date. If the model being replaced is no longer in stock, IQ Design Limited reserves the right to replace the fan with an alternative updated model. This guarantee does not cover damage resulting from misuse, disassembly, accident or lack of reasonable care or applications not in accordance with the user manual. It does not cover anything that would be considered to be outside IQ Design Limited's control such as fire, flooding, etc.

IQ Design Limited shall not be liable for any accidental or consequential damage caused by the beach of any expressed or implied warranty.

IQ Design Limited undertakes to give a further 2 year warranty on parts only, provided that the SmartFan has been registered either by post or online. If the fan becomes defective in  year 2 or 3, IQ Design Limited will replace any defective parts in this time period at mo cost to the customer. However it will be the customer's responsibility to both deliver to and collect the fan from IQ Design Limited or its agent. This guarantee does not affect your statutory rights.

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Price: £125.00
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