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We can now supply Fondis, Woodfire, Walltherm, Klover, Dean stoves, Broseley, La Nordica, De manincor, J.Corradi, Fireline, Purevision, Parkray, Firefox, Tiger, Firewarm, Boru, Charnwood, Hunter, Firebelly and Lincar stoves ranging from multi fuel stoves, cookers, boilers, pellet heaters and even electric stoves.

Higher VAT for renewables proposed

HMRC is proposing an increased VAT rate for ‘energy saving materials’. It follows a European Court ruling which said that the UK’s use of a reduced VAT rate of 5% for these materials was not consistent with EU law. The Court argued that the UK was applying the reduced VAT rate to too wide a proportion of the population and to some energy saving materials that were not strictly eligible.

To comply with this ruling HMRC is proposing that, in future, consumers would have to pay 20% VAT for ‘energy saving materials’ subject to a range of exemptions explained in more detail below. If agreed the change will come into force on 1 August 2016.

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KLOVER SMART 120 & 80 RHI Eligible 5th Feb 2015


I can highly recommend Gregg and his team on the professional service we received after purchasing our wood burner. From the visit to the showroom to the completion of the contract the whole team were totally professional both in their advise given and installation.

The room was left spotless after each day even though we weren’t using it at the time. As an ex Fire Officer I would recommend Ludlow Stoves as they work to the highest of standards and know their product inside out.

J & J. Ludlow
Fireline FX5W with Boscombe Limestone Fireplace and hearth

Following numerous thoughts on how we could improve the heating in our home, we were delighted to find Gregg and Corrabeth. Despite all our changes of mind and procrastinating they were always happy to help! We are delighted with our end choice of a Rosa XXL. Not only does it amply heat our new kitchen and adjoining rooms, it also gives us ‘free cooking’, by which I mean when we have it lit I do not need to worry about using our electric oven of hobs. I was not convinced that a woodburning cooker could have enough control to it to be able to cook a wide range of meals on it but it really hasn’t taken me long at all to find out the best way to use it. It remains a great talking point and focal point in our large kitchen. We also took their advice and purchased an eco fan-this has really helped circulate the warmth created by the stove out into our hallway and beyond. I thoroughly recommend Ludlow Stoves.

Mr & Mrs F (Worcestershire)
Rosa XXL

When our aged Rayburn sprung a leak in the middle of January we needed to get a replacement fast. Ludlow Stoves sorted us out with a superbly efficient and cost-effective Lincar Ilaria stove within days, and we have been supported before and after the sale with prompt and knowledgeable service. We are very happy with our Ilaria; we have never been so warm!

(Wye Valley)
Ilaria wood burning cooker and boiler

Ilaria…we are very pleased with it. Everything you explained about it is perfect. The cooking is just great, the house is very comfortably warm (cannot wait for the winter). So a very big thank you,from extremely satisfied customers.

Mr & Mrs J (Montgomeryshire)

Rosa range cooker…”We are absolutely thrilled with it , it looks amazing in our large family dining room giving us both warmth and cooking facilities. We have had numerous compliments from friends and family. Thanks for being so easy to deal with.”

Mr & Mrs P (Vale of Glamorgan)

We have installed two Sovrana’s that were supplied by Ludlow Stoves and will be ordering our third very soon. The package of stove and supplier just can’t be beaten and get our wholehearted endorsement.

Sarah Jackson, owner – A Little Bit Rough, Glamping in Rutland, Keicestershire


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Rustica wood burning cooker – September 2012

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Broseley Survey reveals unusual fuels for stoves

Shredded tyres, soiled nappies, old wellies and even dead lambs are amongst some of the more unusual things that some owners of wood burning stoves have tried to use as fuel.

Our recent survey reveals that many people risk damaging their stove and reducing its efficiency by thinking anything which burns will make good fuel.

More alarmingly, some could be putting their lives at risk by not following the manufacturer’s instructions and even risk causing an explosion by using petrol or diesel to light their stove.

Furthermore, many others are burning plastics, household rubbish, wet logs or other unsuitable wood products that can cause chimney fires which can easily spread to the rest of the property.

The survey of around 1,000 distributors and installers of wood burning stoves and boilers found that nearly half (46.1%) of end users were either unsure or completely unaware of the correct wood to use as fuel.

Other key findings included:

  • 27.6% of respondents said their customers believe that all wood is the same, despite 88.2% of businesses surveyed saying they spend time talking to their customers about the best wood to use.
  • More than 70% said they frequently (39.5%) or very frequently (31.6%) met customers who believed they could install a wood burner themselves, or with the help of a friend.
  • When asked what the most common reason for customers buying a wood burning product, the overwhelming majority of respondents, 96.1%, said it was to save on fuel bills.

The list of things you said your customers had burnt in a stove was considerable; it seems that many still believe that anything which burns can be used as fuel. However Some of the more unusual items included:

  • Dead lambs
  • Chicken carcasses
  • Waste food
  • Briquettes made from copies of the Sunday Telegraph
  • Whiskey barrels
  • Wellies and boots
  • Japanese knotweed
  • Old teabags mixed with sawdust
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