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Chilli Penguin Wood Burning Stoves

Made in the UK, contemporary stoves for every home

Chilli Penguin wood burners are a little bit different to any other range of stove.  They have neat clean lines and come in a wide selection of colours in addition to traditional black, which means they often appeal to interior designers or rooms designed around colour.  But their real difference lies in the way in which all but the smallest Chilli Penguins come with the ability to boil the kettle, cook a casserole or heat the bath water.  Chilli Penguins are nothing if not versatile.

Originally designed for canal boats, with their range of colours and sizes means there is a Chilli Penguin stove to suit every size of home from the smallest cottage to large farmhouses, and every style, from the most rustic to the most chic.

Built by hand at their North Wales workshop, Chilli Penguin stoves represent the very best of UK manufacturing.  Each stove is made to order, these stoves are not mass produced.

Every Chilli Penguin stove is designed to meet the most stringent of UK and EU standards, minimising combustion gases and ensuring maximum burning efficiency;

A range of options ensure you get the perfect Chilli Penguin stove

Along with a choice of six colours, Chilli Penguin stoves come with a number of additional options like boilers and plinths to ensure you get just the right unit to suit your personal style.

Hand built from high quality steel, every Chilli Penguin stove is covered by a full 7 year manufacturer’s warranty, proof of the company’s commitment to the highest standards of build quality and design.

The stoves efficiency ratings are amongst the highest currently available in the UK. This means that you will get more heat out of the fuel that you put in. All of our domestic stoves can be adapted to use in smoke control zones. Base heat shields are available for most models which allow for a greater choice of hearth.
We sell through a carefully selected stockist network so that you will receive accurate, safe and current information to help you select the right stove and ensure it is safely installed and complies with all current regulations.


Chilli penguin stoves are available throughout the U.K. from a network of authorised dealers and installers











This is baby of the penguin family in no hurry to grow up, likes chilling out… warming up… drying off and frying up. Found hanging out in small spaces like camping pods, yurts, beach huts, shepherds huts, sheds and studios.

The Chilli Billie is top loading with a round glass window to see the fire through. You can boil a kettle on the top surface of the stove. The kW output is between 2.5-3kW. There is an optional detachable side shelf which is useful for putting your kettle or pans on when not boiling.

There is a separate loading door for the ash pan and a small lighting hole. There is a heat shield enclosure available for the chilli billie called the penguin enclosure.




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