eVolution 26

eVolution 26


The eVolution boiler is a new concept in wood burning boilers for the UK. It is a wood burning boiler that can be directly connected to a sealed heating system. 

The eVolution 26 boiler can incorporate Broseley’s SCWS that enables connection to a sealed heating system, including combi boilers, without the need for extra feed and expansion tanks. (Kits sold seperately) http://www.broseleyfires.com/Link-Up-Systems.html

This allows easy integration of multiple heating sources in one system, meaning they can easily be used alongside other renewable energy technology such as solar panels, ground/air source heat pumps or a thermal store.

The eVo 26 is beautifully designed with a contemporary yet classic design. It has a total nominal output of 26 KW with an output to water of 16 kW, enabling it to take care of most heating system and domestic hot water demands on its own. The inner steel box gives it airtight, allowing the combustion to be finely controlled, while the high quality castings give it great looks and the ability to store and spread heat. 

The room output is 10KW, warming most large rooms easily. The combustion rate is very controllable and also thermostatically controlled which means that it is easy to select exactly the output you want at any one time.

A high efficiency level of 78% enabling you the most heat possible from your wood and the low emissions and cleanburning combustion means that it can even be installed in a smokeless zone. The eVolution 26 has also been built to the high standards required for a solid fuel boiler to be connected directly into a sealed heating system and there is an optional kit available to add on the extra components needed to do this. The Broseley Evolution 26 can also be installed into an open vented system.

Installation of boiler stoves can only be undertaken by properly qualified and trained heating engineers and linking in solid fuel appliances with pressurised heating systems requires specialist training. Ludlow stoves can design the complete system, talk you through the installation requirements and provide a properly trained heating engineer.

Plus you will pay only 5% vat on the stove, flue and installation.

  • Defra approved
  • Woodburning stove
  • Cast iron construction
  • Capable of running on a vented or unvented system
  • Large glass window
  • Clean burning
  • High efficiency
  • Single air control for all combustion air
  • Please visit our showroom to view the range of Evolution stoves (Showroom only purchase)

Installation manual


  26 KW Boiler Woodburning Stove
Max Output 26 KW
Room Output 10 KW
Water Output 16 KW
Dimensions (W x H x D) 800 x 700 x 620 mm
Weight 300 Kg
Efficiency 78%


They have done an amazing job and we are so so happy with the time, consideration, attention to detail and professionalism they have taken to give us the system that we wanted. We appreciate all the extra effort that you have all put in.

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