Woodford Fire & Grill

Woodford Fire & Grill



The Woodford Fire & Grill

The Woodford Fire & Grill fireplace is made of double-sided enameled steel, with stainless steel elements. The firebox is lined with materials fireproof up to 1250° C, resistant to high temperatures. Because of its construction and composition, the outdoor Fire & Grill fireplace can be exposed to all weather conditions (rain, snow, etc.)

Because of its characteristic design and performance, this Woodford Fire & Grill will blend right into any space, embellishing your yard or garden. The barbeque’s 4 wheels (2 mobile, 2 static) make mobility easy.


  • Material: Double sided enameled steel, stainless steel
  • Fuel: Wood, coal
  • Firebox dimensions [cm]: 45 x 40
  • Grill grade dimensions [cm] 42,5
  • Total dimensions [cm]: 59 x 59 x 222
  • Weight [kg]: 75

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